Casa de Macau Australia aims to celebrate and preserve the interesting history, ethnicity and stories of the Macanese. Our community in Australia and other countries are especially grateful to Dr. Jorge Forjaz for his work in producing the two editions of “Famílias Macaenses”, the first in 1996 and an update in 2017. These monumental works have details of many Macau Macanese families and their tens of thousands of descendants.

Dr. Jorge Forjaz has earned the accolades of his peers and the gratitude of the Macanese communities around the world for his contributions to the preservation of our history. Generations to come will treasure his selfless work.

While an invaluable contribution to the history and culture of the community, his books were produced in Portuguese and not easily available to the many Macanese dispersed throughout the world.  In 2000 Prof. Henrique d’Assumpção from Adelaide in South Australia began an English language database of Macanese families, with names, births, marriages, deaths, based mainly on Dr Forjaz’s books but supplemented by contributions from over 700 people around the world. Prof. d’Assumpção has created and maintains an archive of Macanese genealogy, culture and history that is accessible via his restricted website:


This is a wonderful gift to the community and is much appreciated.

Voting members, who have not already done so, are encouraged to register and visit this restricted website which has more than 65,000 names, many interesting facts and stories of our community, gathered from contributors around the world, as well as recipes and audio recording of our unique Patuá language. We are sure you will find the experience enjoyable and even educational.