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Gastronomia Macaense

On 28 November, as part of the official program of the Macau Encontro 2007, Yvonne De Menezes Bayot Husband from Casa Australia participated in the special induction ceremony dedicated to establishing the Social Boards of the Confraria Da Gastronomia Macaense (CGM).

Yvonne was formally sworn in as a "Correspondent Member" of the fraternity whose main aims include the preservation of the recipes of the Macanese people, and to promote Macanese food and cooking in general.

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Casa Australia Cookbook

Call for Contributions

Towards fulfilling the charter of the CGM, our Correspondent Member Yvonne Husband is planning to promote and preserve Macanese food here in Australia, by putting together a 'Casa de Macau Australia Cookbook'.

Many of our ancestors were marvellous cooks and appreciated good food, but their recipes were often treasured and guarded - and as such many recipes have been lost as the generations have passed on.

So please, don't let your family recipes 'die'. Take action today to preserve your family legacy by sending us your Macanese recipes - and be part of our 'historic' Casa de Macau Australia Cookbook.

Simply send us your recipes by ensuring that you:

1. List the recipe and the cooking instructions (in either Portuguese or English)
2. Attach your contact details (name, address, phone and email)
3. Include the name of the "Family" that the recipe originated from

Please send those recipes to:

Yvonne De Menezes Bayot Husband
5 Carrington Road
Fax: (02) 9340 4480 or click here to email

The planned recipe categories are:
Rice/Noodle Dishes
Christmas Recipes

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